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About Us

In August, 1989, Recreation Adventure was first incorporated and specialized in group travel with emphasis in ski and senior adult travel. Keith Butler began employment in October, 1998 as Director of Senior Adult Travel, building a clientele that included a mailing list of nearly 1,000, planning trips for groups that included Branson, New England, San Antonio as well as marketing trips to Vancouver, Mt. Rushmore and averaged 45-50 passengers on each trip.

In July, 2001, Mr. Butler purchased the Senior Adult and Charter Bus portions of the company. The name was converted to ReCreation Adventure Tours. The mailing list has now exceeded 2500. Besides trips mentioned, He also plans Alaska and Hawaii cruises, Canadian Rockies, Washington D.C., California, and Deep South tours. Branson is still the number one destination for groups.

He employs a full time Administrative Assistant, Glenna Williams, who will have been with the company 14 years as of March, 2018. His wife, Laura, serves as Vice President of the company and Lee Murray serves as a part time tour escort.

The company has adopted the mission statement:

Dedicated to providing Christians with travel experiences that offer an opportunity to share fellowship with friends, all within a joyous, wholesome atmosphere celebrating the majesty of God’s creation.


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